APL Global School has been modelled structurally and pedagogically on the Personalized Learning Platform. The campus is a sprawling 2,70,099 sq ft which includes the Admin and Academic block. The impressive building offers state of the art facilities to support a wholesome learning environment. Vibrant air-conditioned classrooms, science labs, food labs, art rooms. music rooms, recording room, digital art and photo studio, OT rooms, a gym, dance rooms, counselling rooms and libraries support activity based and student centred learning.

The campus has an auditorium of 9,825 sq ft to conduct all school events, assemblies and activities. The students enjoy their dose of football using the two futsal grounds of 24,050 sq ft, basketball, cricket nets and volleyball in the terrace area of 10,756 sq ft and a multi sports facility area that includes badminton courts.

All classrooms from Grades 1-12 are equipped with Smart Boards and Projectors to provide students with an enriched learning experience. Access to technology helps students research on independent projects or use multimedia software to create interactive presentations, while our teachers use it for differentiated teaching to accommodate different learning styles.