We believe in preparing learners for life in a world where they will interact with compassion, courage and resilience; a mindset that respects differences. The school will therefore be a community of stakeholders invested in the personal, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development of every learner. Children are provided with a variety of options and multiple opportunities to learn and succeed. Every child will be nurtured to take an active role in making this planet an impartial, inclusive, self-sustaining world.

Student demographic:

The class sizes are kept small, maintaining a 1:22 teacher-student ratio. The classrooms include: first generation learners; children with disabilities; foreign nationals, and children requiring economic support. The professionals working at APL are encouraged to bring in diversity by being innovative, and constantly challenge themselves and the students.

How do we work towards achieving our educational philosophy?

  • We offer diverse subject choices through the Cambridge International curriculum and National Institute for Open Schooling so that our students can pursue their interests unreservedly.
  • In nurturing a culture of inclusion and equanimity, we include first generation learners and differently abled children in a classroom.
  • We use differentiated teaching methods and technology to suit all learner styles.
  • We encourage teachers to be innovative, maintain high expectations and constantly challenge themselves and the students.
  • Skilled special educators, mentors, subject experts, and counsellors work collaboratively with parents to support holistic development of every child.
  • Teachers are encouraged to commit to personal and professional development.