Expressions_Thumbnails‘Expressions’ are a collection of clubs that provide opportunities for students to engage in curricular activities outside the classroom – Music, Environment, Technology, Dance, Theatre, Debating and Public Speaking amongst other things. Students go on field trips, interact with professionals from different fields and participate in organizing various events to complete the experience.

Participation in national and international competitions like the MUN, inter school cultural, talent competitions across various interest areas, help to build self-confidence and offer opportunities for students to broaden their horizons.

Students hone their leadership abilities as they manage all major school events, participate in the school student council, and volunteer to conduct events. These activities mimic actual responsibilities they will be shouldering in the real world, where leadership skills become an indispensable requirement.


The aim of the cookery club is to explore and develop purposeful and practical skills in an authentic environment, using a wide array of opportunities and experiences. This club focuses on imparting the knowledge of balanced diets, how ingredients can be combined to prepare healthy meals, basic cooking techniques, and sensible food choices to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through teaching learners new cooking skills, exploring a range of ingredients, examining recipes, understanding how to use appliances and equipment safely and observing live cooking demonstrations. Presentations by guest speakers and culinary experts provides the much-needed glimpse into a regulated profession for ‘experiential learning’
The theatre club aims at nurturing life-skills of students to enable them to communicate their external and internal expressions through the mode of Theatre. Various activities conducted in the club inculcate and emphasize on the aspects of improving lateral thinking, team building, stagecraft, creative writing, voicing out opinions, mind and body language coordination, analysing and adapting to diversities, among other objectives. It also seeks to promote student involvement in the performing arts by supporting theatre productions and creating performance opportunities for the school cultural evening.
Math club promotes and kindles the mathematical curiosity of the students through various puzzles and games. This helps strengthen the confidence of the students in problem-solving and stimulates their thinking process. It aims at promoting a positive approach to mathematics by building concepts in unconventional ways and understanding them at a greater level. The club also serves as space for math enthusiasts to meet and explore their common interests.
The aim of this club is to inculcate in students a sense of wonder and respect for nature and impart hands-on Education for Sustainability (EfS)*. The entire school campus is an edible, growing space that the students have created. They take part in sowing, nurturing the seedlings, harvesting, soil rejuvenation practices, learn to compost, close the loop and more. Students also learn about water resource management, combating climate change, maintaining a resilient ecosystem and more. *Education for Sustainability (EfS) is an educational approach that aims to develop students, schools and communities with the values and the motivation to take action for sustainability – in their personal lives, within their community and also at a global scale, now and in the future.
Dance being an art of expressing one’s emotion through graceful movements without words, helps in coordinating brain and body senses making it a universally spoken tongue. The main objective of this club is allow the students to experience the beauty of this art form and understand its cultural relevance. The club organises sessions working on flexibility and strength through movements. Not only does this help the students to tap into their hidden talent but also develop a sense of rhythm. It serves as an opportunity for the students to learn about body posture, aiding as a fitness regimen and as a stress buster. Powered by professional dance artists, this club also serves to boost their self-esteem, cognizance of the aesthetic and a way of recreation.
Model United Nations is an interactive platform allowing students exposure to real world issues and arriving at real-time solutions. Students assume the role of ambassadors of member nations and discuss issues socio-economic and political that dominate the international circuit. The club provides impetus to students seeking a career in government organisations and those with common interests. Students participate in collegiate Model UNs run across Chennai. This simulated forum helps in public speaking and negotiation skills, leadership training, gaining and staying on top of political knowledge and social discourse, gaining substantive knowledge in the process. Our students also had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Harvard MUN.