The Music Programme

The Music Programme_ThumbEven before recorded history, people created music, whether through drumming, singing or chanting. Some of our strongest emotions may be brought on by listening to a piece of music. To enable our students understand and learn this method of expression, we introduced Music as a subject from Grade 1 to 8. At APL Global, using various Western Classical Music teaching techniques (like Alfred’s, John Thomson, Suzuki and Trinity based) we equip our students to play and analyse all levels of music.

Since we believe each child is unique, we ensure that equal importance is given to World Music and Indian Classical Music as well in the curriculum, so that students interested in alternative forms of music. By grade 8, the students are well equipped to take on IGCSE Music curriculum. By extension, Music is provided as a subject at A & AS level as well.

We ensure that students are exposed to top notch music and sound engineering software so that they are in touch with aspects of music production as well.