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Model United Nations, is an educational mock-up where the participants engage in a simulation of the UN bodies and agencies. The students are provided an opportunity to have a deeper understanding in international relations, diplomacy and empower their capacity to negotiate and interact in a global environment. It involves public speaking, debating and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.
APL MUN 2023 was an event organized and managed by the students of APL Global School, Chennai. Hosting a full-fledged MUN conference is a complex affair that demands careful planning, execution and involves a lot of hard work. Our organizing committee members proved it to be true. One could only be amazed at the amount of dedication, effort and enthusiasm they displayed to make the conference a success.
The conference had around 300+ total participants from different schools in the city making it the largest conference hosted by the school. It was held on the 29th-30th of august 2019. There were six committees this year-UNEP, UNHRC, WHO, UNODC, UNSC, and IPC, each focusing on specific agendas and engaging in discussions and debates to reach resolutions. The spirit of UN could be recognized in speeches, debates, and resolutions where collective knowledge and insight were demonstrated. The crisis situations were met with robust debate and energy levels were at an all-time high. It was obvious that all delegates would agree that they had a thought-provoking conference and a fascinating MUN experience. Awards were given to the best delegates, with the WHO committee winning the Best Committee award.

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Cultural Evening

When music took centre stage.
Music, dance and theatre came together seamlessly at various productions staged by our students over the past couple of months.
Hans Christian Anderson is known for some amazing stories for children. One of them, titled ‘Nightingales,’ was dramatized as a musical by our students. An endeavour to showcase the musical and theatrical talents of the children, this production found plenty of appreciation from the audience comprising parents and peers alike.
Another musical that was lauded by the audiences was titled ‘Welcome to The Land of Hattaman.’ The brainchild of Grade 7 and 8 students, this production was a celebration of music and harmony. It was a story about two thieves in a mysterious land surrounded by odd villagers and no money. What would the outcome be? Witty andgripping, this production captured the viewers’ attention.
“Thirst for Truth’ showcased the amazing talent of Grade 8 and 9 students. Conceived, scripted and enacted by these teenagers, the play had a message for all.
And finally, there was ‘Not Another Fairytale.’ Written, presented and enacted by Grade 10, 11 and 12 students, this musical had the tag line, ‘Who is the fairest of the all?’ And sure enough, many classic characters came to life once again to take audiences into the world of fairies and fantasies.
There’s nothing like music and the stage to bring out the creativity of the young minds, as these productions proved.

Inter School Sports Tournament

In competitive mode,

There is a quote that goes “Sports does not build a character; it reveals it!”

The accent was on that particular thought when the curtains went up on the 5th Inter-School Sports Tournament 2018, held recently at the new APL campus.

Students from schools across the city came with eagerness in their eyes, strength in their limbs and courage in their hearts to take back what they had set out to achieve. Team spirit was the order of the day as most of the events had to be played by groups. Except perhaps the individual sport of tennis and badminton.

The event proved to a wonderful opportunity to interact for students from different schools to mingle with one another. They might have won or lost, but the spirit of sportsmanship reigned supreme!

Bravo students!!