Our Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy_ThumbnailsEvery child is a learner with varied skill sets and a unique method of assimilating, understanding, conveying and working with information. Every child learns and grows differently. At APL Global School, we believe in encouraging children on their educational journeys and providing them with multiple opportunities to learn and succeed.

How do we work towards achieving our educational philosophy?

We keep class sizes small, maintaining a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. We encourage our teachers and educators to be innovative and constantly challenge themselves and our students.

We use differentiated teaching methods to suit all learner styles, and learn from education models that have worked in the past in terms of planning, teaching, and assessment to ensure that our students can learn in the best possible learning environment.

We offer diverse subject choices through the Cambridge International curriculum so that our students can pursue their interests unreservedly.

We believe that an environment with personalised learning should extend to all children. Thus our classrooms include first generation learners and differently abled children. Holistic and effective inclusion is ensured by having a qualified Special Educator, providing one-to-one remedial sessions based on the needs of the child, networking with organisations to provide supportive services, an in-house movement therapist.