Promoters_ThumbnailsAPL Global School is an initiative of the Ramaniyam Group Enterprise

RAMANIYAM REAL ESTATES PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading builder in Chennai with over three decades of experience in the residential, commercial and IT sectors. It has earned a reputation for expertise in providing customized buildings. A myriad of projects across the city of Chennai stand tall as a testament to their commitment to personalisation, quality and excellence.

APL Global School’s Personalized Learning Design is an extension of the same ethos of customization into the field of education. The architects for this project, Arvind Varuna Associates have converted these values with equal passion and have gone out of their way to accommodate our customisation requests.

The infrastructure has been designed to cater to the varied needs of the students with the sports facilities, spacious auditorium and a multi purpose gallery being some of its hallmarks.

To provide a shield from the marshland, a 30 feet grill wall has been erected at the western side of the building which supports a vertical garden, simulating a rainforest environment.

Natural Stones like Tandur stone are used for the flooring to provide an anti-skid, low maintenance but hardy surface. The exterior Wall paint is made from grinding natural stones like green marble and Jaisalmer stone to provide an earthy, chemical free wall finish with an elegant look; a unique Ramaniyam innovation.

Our Founder Gita Jagannathan says – “Academy for Personalized Learning is based on the principles of person-centered approach to Education, Inclusion and Sustainable Living. The school nurtures and supports every individual to be a happy and healthy person who confidently explores the limits of their own potential. APL Global School believes that schools should provide a safe and open space, in which children build an understanding of self, their community and the larger world while exploring their role in society.”