Events @ APL are celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. These cultural, social and sporting events refine one’s personality while building a positive image of oneself. Here’s how we do it here.

Playing a multipurpose role, the cultural evening is a conglomeration of music, art, drama and speech aimed at bringing students and families together on an evening with the purpose of appreciating art and culture. Usually held on a grand note, the cultural evening paves way for students to exhibit their talent and passion in a non-academic platform, thus preparing students for a world of possibilities. This also encourages students to practice tolerance, acceptance, and empathy for people of various cultures and backgrounds. Apart from this the students from grade 6 onwards also learn the art of backstage management, production values and technical aspects of stage management.
Sports day is a high-powered annual event with students competing against each other in foundational sport activities like running and professional ones like football. Through the year, matches between the four houses in different sports are conducted and the culmination of it is usually seen on this day. Interspersed with house matches, individual races and drills, the day is a celebration of team ethics and skill development, spurring students to be sport lovers for life, while enjoying the journey.
A week-long celebration in the month of August, Swadeshi week is abuzz with activities appreciating and promoting the rich culture and tradition of our country. Intricate kolam work, discussions ruminating on India’s freedom struggle and renditions in various forms encapsulating the essence of our diverse culture and its significance in our everyday lives become a part of the jubilant week.
This day is celebrated to make our children feel extra loved and appreciated, with merriment and entertainment aplenty happening throughout the day. Handmade greeting cards and cakes are part of the celebration across grades. Teachers surprise the crowd with groovy dance and music, while games and fun activities become an essential part of the agenda. Every year it is a little different but the mission is the same: make them feel loved and important.
Providing the climate and platform to strengthen one’s athletic prowess, APL’s inter-school sports meet is yet another opportunity for students from various schools across Chennai and Tamil Nadu to participate and compete with their age group under different sporting events. In addition to promoting health, physical and mental well-being, the joie de vivre witnessed during this meet, has made it a much-anticipated event amongst school-going sport enthusiasts. The student council with the student body and teachers work together to plan and execute this grand event.
Synergy, is a student-led, theme-based inter school cultural event conceived and planned by the members of the student council supported by student volunteers and teachers. The objective of this event is two-fold: while the participating school gets an opportunity to display their student’s talents in oratory, cultural, music, culinary, visual and performing arts, our students get an opportunity to play hosts and develop skills such as teamwork, collaboration, hospitality, planning and execution, taking responsibility, ownership and accountability.
A much sought-after bi-annual event, attracting schools across Chennai and Tamil Nadu, the event is also used to achieve a higher goal. Ergo, our most recent one focussed on promoting sustainability, and responsible citizenship among the youth.
Citizenship education, representation and participation in significant aspects of the school government is the purpose of having a student council at APL. The student council election is a major school event with striking similarities with the workings of an election process in a democratic country. Students nominate themselves for various positions and a teacher panel approves the nominees. From debriefing the nominees on their responsibilities to nominees rallying votes using posters, slogans and speeches, the whole week echoes of high-spirits and healthy competition. Students drop voting slips in ballot boxes and get their finger inked. The elected members have an investiture ceremony, taking the oath promising to deliver the responsibilities vested upon them, after an initiation ritual which is customary during an investiture ceremony.
The Inter-house talent show is yet another opportunity for students to exhibit their innate skills and win the hearts of many. Ideated with the objective of helping students embrace their unique talent and celebrate it, the day like many other days serves as a catalyst for transforming incredible talent. Students are not graded on their ability, but acknowledged for their effort and interest. From poetry slam to shipwreck, music to dance, the variety is endless.
APL MUN has been an important part of the year at our school. During the COVID 19 lockdowns, thereby, three of our Grade 12 Students organised an APL MUN Online, bringing in 100 delegates from across India and Singapore. The students brought in and trained our own talent to create an Executive Board that provided delegates with a most fulfilling experience. The conference was concluded with an MUN Video of the highlights of the conference.

In addition, APL MUN Online encouraged a new demographic of students, who may have otherwise been afraid of public speaking, to participate in a Model United Nations Conference from the comfort of their own homes. Committees Ranged from ECOSOC and the UNHRC, to a Historical Security Council both opened a window into the world of MUN, and enabled students to relate their learnings in the classroom to try their hand at debate and problem solving.