APL Alumni

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We are truly rewarded when our students get the recognition they deserve and find a place in well-known colleges and universities in India and all parts of the world. Our mission of helping students realize their potential is fulfilled when their dearest dreams come true and they are welcomed by institutes of their choice to pursue the subjects they want.

Currently we have 115 students in GR 12 who will be graduating in 2020. We are proud of our alumni community featuring 437 graduates since 2009

Here’s some of the details of our alumni’s placement.

Vadhanaa Venkatakrishnan , Batch 2023, Cambridge

‘extremely adaptive…’

Joined University of Texas at Dallas
I have become the best version of myself. I was highly motivated and inspired to achieve my best both inside and outside the classroom. I learnt to become extremely adaptive and proactive about my work.

Sanjay Subramanian, Batch 2021, Cambridge

‘personalised learning plan…’

Joined Michigan State University
APL provided a personalised learning plan to cater to my academic interests. I Was able to adapt myself to other academic conditions. It is a great school with a nice infrastructure.

Neha Venugopal, Batch 2021, Cambridge

‘freedom to think…’

Joined VIT Chennai
APL has given the right amount of freedom to think free and learn life to the fullest. This has helped me in socializing.

Aditi, Batch 2020, Cambridge

‘positive exposure…’

Joined SRM University
It was a very positive exposure for me. I learnt a lot from the school including how to interact with people. The school and my batch of friends really helped me get out of my introvert zone. I had a really good time In apl.

Shridula Gopinath, 2020, Cambridge

‘foster critical thinking…’

Joined Shiv Nadar University, BA (Research) Sociology
The support from teachers was extremely fruitful, as was the ways in which the AS and A level curriculum was designed to foster critical thinking and analysis skills. This helped me immensely in university when it comes to class discussions and assignments.

Aaron Melito, 2020, Cambridge


MGR Film and Television Training Institute
I was exposed to lots of new experiences and lifestyles I never knew existed. I’m more open minded about things now. I have experienced more in the last two years than I ever did in the 12 years of my previous school.

Austin, 2020, Cambridge

‘I could do a lot here in this school.’

VIT Chennai: CSE with specialisation in AI and ML
APL more than anything, was a very good environment for students— academics were important, of course, but there was much more going on. The management and staff were always very accommodating to new ideas and suggestions, of course many were difficult to execute on, and many students never brought forth any issues, but when they were brought up, they were directly by the management, which brought a sense of feeling like: “I could do a lot here in this school.” I believe APL is a good place to grow past just being students, is one of the best things the school has to offer, and it should be made more prominent and developed further with the help of the students as well.
My specific position as the school SPL definitely gave me a lot more power to do things, I gained many leadership, speaking, planning and organising skills. But even as a normal student for 8 years from 5th grade I was never hindered from trying to do many things, such as planning an event for my grade, or trying to bring a card game system that could be used in the free time (sadly that one didn’t work).

A Arjun, 2020, Cambridge

‘a better future’

Manipal institute of communication
APL provided me the platform that has since proven to be a springboard that launched me towards a better future. This has given me the opportunity to think globally and aim higher.

Sumaiyya Anas, 2019, Cambridge

‘initiate chapters’

Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai
This particular institution aided me in refining my oratory and leadership skills. It provided me with opportunities to participate and win various events, and initiate a chapter of ‘Girl Up- an APL student initiative’ at my university. Being a part of APL has definitely been a major stepping stone to who I’ve become.

Gandhimathi Viswanathan, 2019, Cambridge

‘independence and experience’

Kalakshetra foundation
The independence and experience I got here was more than what I could have hoped for in my old school. I learned to accept things and people for what they are and not change them to my convenience.

Maryam Mohamed Anas, 2019, Cambridge

‘welcoming atmosphere’

Crescent University
Apl has made me the person I am today. I was once a shy girl who would not talk to anyone but now I can comfortably have conversation with anyone. The open and welcoming atmosphere made me grow so much. it broadened my mind and thought process. It has helped me interact more easily with people, allowing me to forge contacts and make friends. I just wish I had studied for just more than 2 years here. It was such a wonderful experience.

Ishani Mehta, 2017, Cambridge

‘significant learnings’

M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women
Two years in APL School has been the most interesting and impactful time of my life so far. The journey has been enriching and extremely empowering. APL School has always provided the utmost support possible, in a holistic manner, leaving no stone unturned. In my case, the school provided one-on-one classes to complete the portions on time for my exams, which I feel no school would ever do.

APL GLOBAL School is one of a kind; it will always be very close to me for all the support that I have received during crucial years of my life and it has helped me identify my real interest and passion. The most significant learnings have been through the two-day Mega event ‘Synergy’ and I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of management to include such an event in the calendar. Learnings imparted and experience of synergy made me realise my interest and potential in Business & Food and Nutrition.
Also, the assistance and availability of all faculty members makes a student feel at home and super comfortable which helped me focus more on my academics. My Experience at APL global school has been a trip of learning and joy . The attention of teachers and their guidance is something I like the most about the school .

Kenneth Grace Mascarenhas D, 2017, Cambridge

‘smooth transition’

ESIC Medical College and PGIMSR, K.K. Nagar
My two years at APL was a truly memorable and fruitful one. Coming from a state board school after completing my 10th grade, my transition to the Cambridge curriculum at AS level was a smooth one, thanks to the constant support and care by the faculty. The atmosphere of freedom and encouragement for learners to feel free and learn at their own pace was evident from day one of my studies at APL. Faculty as well as learners formed a cohesive group to make learning a less formidable task which turned out to be very useful for my academic improvement. Learning from our mistakes is the normal way to learn anything in this world and the way APL encouraged the students with polite and constructive support whenever we needed help, was indeed my secret of success, which I would proudly remember and share with anybody. I still remember the way I freely interacted with everyone at APL and I should certainly mention here about the geniality and generosity of our Principal as well as my teachers’ enthusiastic and energetic coaching during my AS and A level studies. I am now doing my first year MBBS at ESIC Medical College, a Central Government institution, by clearing NEET and would attribute this achievement solely to the best teaching and formative methods of APL.

Utkarsh jain, 2017, Cambridge
Christ University Bangalore
Apl has helped me transform my personality to a better one….special thanks to Sarija mam.