While the academic curriculum is the core focus of APL, the co-curricular activities are given adequate importance with the strong belief in the wholesome development of personality. The co-curricular activities come under the banner of ‘Expressions’ and function through several clubs.

All of our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are led by in-house and external facilitators. The process adopted tries to wean the student away from mere pre-processed information and toward experienced knowledge through social outreach, skill development, character and values development.

Co-curricular programmes are disciplines that align with and mirror our academic programme. These structured disciplines are CAIE approved and bear credits.

Any education is not complete without taking cognisance of what is the need of the hour. Designed to complement the academic curriculum, beyond classroom widens horizons, maximises learner’s participation and potential, thus leading to increased learning and enhanced cognitive development. Recognising the need for this, the following domains provide that and more: social opportunities and opening a child’s mind to new interests.

Events @ APL are celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. These cultural, social and sporting events refine one’s personality while building a positive image of oneself. Here’s how we do it here.

‘Expressions’ are a collection of clubs that provide opportunities for students to engage in curricular activities outside the classroom – Music, Environment, Technology, Dance, Theatre, Debating and Public Speaking amongst other things.

Three years ago we started the concept of Student-driven Clubs. The objective was to provide a platform to bring together like minded students who wish to engage with their peer group in ways which enhances the group’s learning and gives them an opportunity to work collectively in the area of their interest.

Young people make positive changes to their lives and communities through participation in meaningful activities. To help our students in reaching their greatest potential, the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) awards was instituted for Grades 9 to 12.