An interview with Chennai Live 104.8 FM

On learning about the exceptional pedagogy and holistic approach to education followed at APL, our founder and MD, Ms Gita Jagannathan was invited by Chennai Live 104.8 FM for an interview on 20th September 2016. She spoke about the philosophy and the ethos of the school.

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APL podcast, a student driven initiative was conceived with an objective of sharing and expressing students’
views based on their experiences at school. Each episode gives us viewers an insight into their journey in learning, Stay tuned!

Episode 1:
In this episode join Shreya Bharathwajan in conversation with the principal of APL GLOBAL, Mrs Sarija Santhosh who will be sharing her time at APL, what she is passionate about, how APL is unique and more!

Episode 2: 

In this episode, we are back with Shreya Bharathwajan who is going to be talking to the newly elected School pupil leader and Assistant school pupil leaders. Tune in to see all the amazing stuff they have planned for the year, and more.

Episode  3A:
Hey there, we are back with Shreya Bharathwajan again and today we have something very exciting planned. We are going to be talking to some of our alumni and guess what!, they are here to clear all your doubts and misconceptions about college applications, what you should do and when, tips and more. So tune in for this fun interaction yet an important sharing of information. There are three parts to this episode.

Episode  3B:
Tune in to hear about what Hrsh, Meghna, Nishka and Tanmay’s wow factors were, how they were able to manage their time, what kind of volunteering work and internships to do and more.

Episode  3C:
Tune in to hear about what makes a college essay stand out, some tips, how APL’s counsellors helped with the college admissions process and more.