Video Gallery

Mrs Kiran Merchant ( Principal 2011 – 2019) on the school’s customisable curriculum

Mrs Kiran Merchant – more on Customisable curriculum

Mrs Sangeetha Rajamani on APL being a second home and a parent on APL embracing inclusiveness and diversity.

Mrs Gita Jagannathan & Mrs Ezhil Mathi on Inclusion

Mrs Sarija Santhosh & Mrs Asha Porayath on Teacher training and mentorship

Our founder, Ms Gita on teachers as holistic educators.

Our founder, Ms Gita on counselling and support

Ms Sarija Santhosh – more on Inclusivity

Ms Sarija Santhosh on the need for a Teacher-Mentor

Ms Sarija Santhosh on flexi time for teachers

Ms Mala Rao on the Good citizenship programme (GCP)

A timelapse video – A fundraiser on autism awareness

APL awarded ‘Most innovational learning pedagogy award 2021’ by CEII