The educators at APL who have come from different educational models are an Exciting mix of individuals driven with a passion to raise the standard of teaching and learning. We are proud of our experienced and “willing to learn and grow” faculty who blend their domain expertise and experience with the philosophy and pedagogy of Personalized Learning Design. Many of our educators are scholars in their respective fields and thrive as learners themselves. Our educators are ever ready to stand up to challenges, for they believe the journey of learning is as important as the goal itself. They never lose an opportunity to collaborate and share learning, making it an enlightening experience for the students.
While gathering information about our educators, we realized we have such a diverse group which includes different pedagogical backgrounds, cultures, languages, hobbies, interests and they all share a deep passion to make a difference to the lives of each student. Our selection process focuses on a teacher’s understanding of our school’s philosophy, inclusive education, personalization and experiential learning. We welcome teachers who like to innovate, are ready to imbibe the learning process as much as they would want their students to do so and practice self-reflection.

Our endeavour to course correct our processes through periodic feedback from all the stakeholders help us tremendously to ensure we have the best perspectives and a truly collaborative approach. Several suggestions from our teachers have helped in establishing good systems, leading to a healthy work culture.

We also empower our educators to develop themselves professionally. On-going in-house, external and Cambridge training opportunities abound. Teachers engage in formal and informal in-house training, collaborative learning, peer reviews, inter & intra departmental meetings to further their understanding of the CAIE requirements and enhance their adherence to the APL ethos.

We offer a variety of growth avenues for the teachers; they could master our pedagogy to become Expert Teachers, take on administrative and leadership roles or become Teacher Trainers. Many of our faculty hold CAIE Teacher Training qualifications and are accredited Moderators for CAIE coursework.
APL Global School is an accredited centre for the CIDTL with authorization to register other school candidates as well.