Teaching Learning Pattern

Teaching Learning Pattern_ThumbnailsSince we emphasize personalized learning at APL, our teaching pattern is generally one of facilitation. We create opportunities for students to learn rather than lecturing, and employ student centric methods. These methods could include hands on work in subject labs, interdisciplinary projects, and activity or experiential learning modules to develop thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

We find that students work best when what they learn is reinforced frequently, and also when feedback is immediate. Reinforcement in our classrooms are designed to challenge students at their level of readiness. Our teachers carefully construct activities that are just the right level of challenging for students to stay motivated, engaged, and happy.

Teachers use a combination of various strategies to differentiate instructions. They collaborate and create approaches that would enable each student to discover the relevance of academic concepts in their personal lives. The child-centric plans guide students to become inventive. Project-based learning is encouraged and students are given time and space to find innovative ways to explore and express their learning. Informal feedbacks, formal assessments, and interactive critiquing are conducted to ensure that students appreciate and develop skills of evaluation and reflection.