The Co-Curricular Programme: Expressions

Expressions_ThumbnailsExpressions are a collection of clubs that provide opportunities for students to engage in curricular activities outside the classroom- Music, Environment, Technology, Dance, Theatre, Literary Clubs and Sports amongst other things. Students go on field trips, interact with professionals in various fields and participate in organizing inter school events to complete the experience.

Across the school, sports and physical education includes team games, karate and yoga, apart from age appropriate athletic training. Participation in national and international competitions like the Olympiads, inter school culturals, talent competitions across various interest areas build self-confidence and offer opportunities for students to broaden their horizons.

Students hone their leadership abilities as they manage all major school events, participate in the school student council, and volunteer to conduct events.

The Art Program at APL Global School is designed to stimulate young minds to reflect and express themselves creatively. The program exposes children to artistically respond and understand their environment. Children will be exploring the evolution of art by understanding local and world art history. They will be encouraged to identify the significance of art history in their present lives.

We live among a rich cultural art tradition. Children will get an opportunity to see and learn about local, traditional and contemporary art practices. They will explore different areas of study like painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, textiles…etc. They will also have hands-on experience with all the different art mediums.

The Art Program aims to provide a child with a holistic experience. For children who want to pursue and grow into practicing a creative career, the experience and learning they get from school will be valuable. The attempt is to provide a space for personal artistic growth. This will allow the child to grow into an individual that artistically responds to its environment.

By grade 8, the students are well equipped to take on IGCSE Art & Design curriculum. By extension, Art & Design is provided as a subject at A & AS level as well.

Even before recorded history, people created music, whether through drumming, singing or chanting. Some of our strongest emotions may be brought on by listening to a piece of music.
To enable our students to understand and learn this method of expression, we introduced Music as a subject from Grade 1 to 8. At APL Global, using various Western Classical Music teaching techniques (like Alfred’s, John Thomson, Suzuki and Trinity based) we equip our students to play and analyse all levels of music.
Since we believe each child is unique, we ensure that equal importance is given to both World Music and Indian Classical Music in the curriculum, so that students are exposed to alternative forms of music. In addition, we ensure that students are exposed to top-notch music and sound engineering software so that they are in touch with aspects of music production as well.
By grade 8, the students are well equipped to take on IGCSE Music curriculum. By extension, Music is provided as a subject at A & AS level as well.
Our students have composed and created background scores for the yearly annual day event and other programmes. they have worked in collaboration with leading musicians in the industry; composing music pieces for school fundraisers and awareness programmes. This has led to a profound sense of individuality and on a broader social level, the ability of music to foster community while creating art.
Sports have always been an integral part of the APL curriculum. The path shown by
Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi— a renowned sports physician and fitness consultant — is being carried forward ably by the sports faculty. With a firm belief that the physical state impacts mental energies, APL ensures that its students are exposed to regular fitness checks, exercises and sports.
The sports program is aimed at developing physical fitness and sporting ability in a variety of indoor and outdoor games, at individual and team levels. Attention is given to individual needs in areas like posture, strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina and skill development for sporting events. Sports and movement activities are used effectively to work on psychological factors like self-confidence, attention, motivation, managing emotions and so on. With access to excellent sports facilities, students benefit from enhanced and age-appropriate coaching & learning.
The programme is more than just a co-curricular activity. It is being addressed as a CAIE curriculum with syllabus aims and assessment objectives in place. Students are exposed to a sound understanding of the principles & practices of sports as a discipline and good health in general.
The games played at APL include basketball, football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, throw ball, volleyball and a range of athletic sports.
DMAC (drama, music, art and creative movement)
The aim of the cookery club is to explore and develop purposeful and practical skills in design and technology using a wide array of opportunities and experiences. This club focuses on imparting the knowledge of balanced diets, how ingredients can be combined to prepare healthy meals, basic cooking techniques, and sensible food choices to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through teaching learners new cooking skills, exploring a range of ingredients, examining recipes, understanding how to use appliances and equipment safely and observing live cooking demonstrations.
The Wordsworth club helps promote love and appreciation for the English Language through various activities like vocabulary building games, debates, public speaking, creative writing, poetry readings, literature appreciation and so on. It aids in preparing students towards excelling in external competitions
The theatre club aims at nurturing life skills of students to enable them to communicate their external and internal expressions through the mode of Theatre. Various activities conducted in the club inculcate and emphasize on the aspects of improving lateral thinking, team building, stage craft, creative writing, voicing out opinions, mind and body language coordination, analysing and adapting to diversities, among other objectives. It also seeks to promote student involvement in the performing arts by supporting theatre productions and creating performance opportunities for the school cultural evening.
Math club promotes and kindles the mathematical curiosity of the students through various puzzles and games. This helps strengthen the confidence of the students in problem solving and stimulates their thinking process. It aims at promoting a positive approach to mathematics by building concepts in unconventional ways and understanding them at a greater level.
The aim of the expression club Organic Farming is to inculcate in students a sense of wonder and respect for nature. This helps the students to observe and learn the skill ofsowing seeds, nurturing the seedlings and harvesting the produce. They are also able to identify the best companion plant, which mutually helps growth,while also broadening their knowledge aboutfertilizers and natural pest control methods. This aids in gaining a closer appreciation of the land and the various life cycles of plants. Students are also in turn encouraged to be environmentally friendly and lead healthier lifestyles by eating fresh produce.
Model United Nations club helps to expose the students to proceedings of the UN conference and provides an unparalleled experience, where students are engulfed in an environment that is intellectually invigorating. With its strong motive to make this world a generally better place to live, the contribution of the MUN club students has steadily helped the APL MUN team emerge into a conference that fosters debate and cooperation amongst its delegates from across various schools.
Dance being an art of expressing one’s emotion through graceful movements without words, ithelps in coordinating brain and body senses in an enticing manner. The main objective of this club istoallow the students to experience the beauty of this art form and thereby working on flexibilityand strength through movements. Not only does this help the students to tap into their hidden talentand develop a sense of rhythm, it also serves as an opportunity for the students to learn about bodyposture, aiding as a fitness regimen and as a stress buster.
Snapshot is an e-magazine of our school which provides hands-on experience to our students to edit, design, and publish a magazine. Students of the club worked round the year to collect articles from the students, teachers, parents and the guests. Interviews of students, teachers and guests are also conducted by student reporters and published in the magazine. The Snapshot club usually publishes three editions of the magazine in an academic year. Each of these editions are aesthetically designed and presented by our students.
Yoga clubaids in bringing in a lot of mindfulness in the studentsand it gently focuses on making them more conscious of their breathing, introducing the techniques of various breathing exercises and their benefits. It builds in them a sense of self belief and self confidence and helps in increased focus and concentration. The club aims at working on building the student’s stamina, flexibility, coordination and balance. Above all, it helps finding a release for anger and anxiety and making the body and mind calm and relaxed.
Science and Technology club provides students with a hands-on experience working with different scientific methods, planning experiments, and in general, observing the world in which we live. This club encourages students to identify the ways science affects their lives and their community. It provides a platform for the students to keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies and inventions. Focusing on discovery-based learning and thereby transforming the same to relate to real life application, it helps kindle the scientific ideas of the students and guides them towards making of working models successfully.
The objective of the Wordsworth Quiz club is to encourage students to look beyond their textual and lingual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of learnt concepts. Children are encouraged to grapple with several activities that aid developing their linguistic skills through quiz, games and team building exercises.
The purpose of the club is to present an opportunity for students to demonstrate various aspects of culture and express their creativity through art and craft. This serves as a platform to unleash their imagination and thereby bring out unique craft creations. It encourages the students to think out of the box and foregrounds the individuality of their thoughts. The detailing aspect of art also helps them develop and work on concentration skills.

Student Driven Clubs

The aim of this club is to establish that women deserve equal rights that men receive. Girl Up ignites the empowerment of girls, by girls around the world. In partnership with the United Nations, the Girl up clubrun by our school students,stands up for girls, speaks up for programs that help them thrive, and rises up as a community of advocates out to change the world, for good. The club is led by a community of passionate advocates raising awareness and funds worldwide. Our students have taken their best efforts to contribute and reach out far and wide to girls who live in places where being a girl is an uphill challenge. This club follows the guidelines provided by the Girl up community and conducts activities to spread awareness, to raise funds and so on. This club has been one of the successful student-driven clubs without a maximum outreach among the student body.
To cater to the rising number of future writers and filmmakers in school, and their interests, this club facilitates the art of screenwriting. This club is a melange of writing and filmmaking and stands to be a right platform to delve into the world of fiction and to spark the students’ imagination. The club offers studentsan opportunity to tap into their creativity and focuses on their imaginative skills in writing. The activities done in this club would range from analysing existing films and fictional characters to creating original characters and scenes.The activities also have an “increasing gradient” pattern with every session, by starting off with how screenplays work, then moving to exploring the art of writing screenplays, and then realising the importance of character depth writing, by creating a diverse spectrum of characters, and then finally incorporating all of the above into one big piece of work.