The Personal Growth Programme

The Personal Growth Programme – In line with our core philosophy of Personalised Learning we offer students the following services:

Class Mentors– Our faculty are trained to understand and support students through a range of issues; academic, social, emotional, developmental. Mentor periods aim to create a space in which the class group is guided by the Class Mentor to discuss and air-out issues specific to the class. Some of the activities that happen at this time are silence, guided meditation, circle time and sharing of news that is relevant to the class.

Counseling Services– We have young well qualified counselors who are experienced & skilled in one-to-one counseling as well as group sessions. The one-to-one sessions meet individual, personal counseling needs of students. Group sessions happen in two contexts – when groups of students seek the counselor’s intervention in issues that are relevant to that group, in Explore sessions that happen fortnightly with each grade. Our counselors lead a group of faculty members to facilitate Explore sessions that explore issues that are current and age-appropriate. For eg., topics/themes may include fairness, empathy at the Junior level and relationships, substance abuse at the senior level. At all levels of school the effort is to create self-aware and emotionally literate beings.

Special Education & Remedial Support –  We have a significant number of special educators working to support our efforts at Inclusion.They are both a teacher resource as well as a student resource. While they provide remedial support for a student who needs it they also help the teachers adapt their plans to meet the needs of students with special needs within the general class. Their support and guidance is what makes inclusion a reality at APL.