Our Framework

Our teaching pedagogy is designed to establish APL Global as a space for learners to realize their potential and flourish. Objectives are derived from the respective curricula, either Cambridge International or the NIOS, keeping holistic development in mind. Plans are created primarily taking the affective side of learning into consideration. Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of strategies to differentiate the modes of teaching, learning, and assessment. Our pedagogy is tuned to generate optimal engagement and realising potential akin to our motto.

Our Vision

To be a school that nurtures an inclusive, compassionate environment where every learner feels inspired to realize and celebrate their unique potential

Our Mission

To provide personalised learning environments that are self-paced and goal oriented.
To provide learner-centric classrooms with an optimum student-teacher ratio
To provide a mindful, mentoring space that enables self-management.
To provide life-enriching skills that empowers learners to become responsible global citizens.
To develop learners who are creative, self-aware, confident, responsible and participate constructively in the society.

Our Motto

Realizing My Unique and Infinite Potential

Our Symbol

Realizing My Unique and Infinite Potential The geometric shapes are stylized symbols that depict APL. It represents our progressive approach to pedagogy. The symbol embodies the circle, triangle, square, representing wholeness, dynamism and stability respectively.

The lively lime green color represents freshness and unconditional acceptance, and the rich lavender, tranquility. The combination symbolizes compassion and spiritual healing.